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Since 1986, I have been working in the real estate industry. On July 7, 2014, I established the "Asian Property Co., Ltd." in order to pursue my dream.

What I am striving to achieve is to create a company that "shows compassion and understanding for all people using residential sales services".

I have lived abroad and from that experience I have come to learn that there is no compassion in Japan's residential sales service for foreigners wanting to live in Japan.

Japanese people have a well known reputation for their politeness, however, it is only skin deep and completely different from real compassion.

I believe that the spirit of "Yuzuriai", which means giving, helping others and cooperation, is something that everyone is born with. However, a current word being used in the media, “Black-Kigyou”, explains how Japanese companies treat their own employees poorly. And that same "type of compassion" is how customers are treated in Japan.

My company will strive to maintain a close relationship with homeowners and customers in order to provide high quality service in response to the various issues they may have regarding their properties and demonstrate real “Omotenashi" (compassion) not only on the surface but as our motto. We offer our sincere prayers and wishes for the July “Tanabata” festival (Milky Way festival).

Masao Horiki

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