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Business Prospectus | Business Prospectus
We guarantee to provide the highest level of “Omotenashi” (compassion) and incomparable heart-warming service for people looking for a luxurious real estate experience in central Tokyo.
Asian Property Inc. is in the business of assisting well-to-do Japanese and international business people searching for a lease property by providing you with up to date and accurate lease information available.

The reason for limiting our focus to high-end residential properties is so we can offer our customers the very best and reliable service possible.
We don’t just show properties to our clients, API provides total support for our customers to facilitate a convenient and comfortable new life in Tokyo.

Services Provided:

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High-end condominiums and apartments for well-to-do Japanese and international business people in the Minato, Shibuya, Meguro, Shinagawa, Chiyoda, Chuo and Setagaya wards.
API possesses specialized knowledge about the Azabu, Hiroo, Akasaka, Aoyama, Ginza, Roppongi and Shibuya areas in these wards. We also provide service to those looking outside the central parts of Tokyo such as Denenchofu.
Using our strong networking skills, we are able to provide detailed and current information of a variety of upscale properties. Our reliable and highly skilled staff will serve as your housing advisers in providing answers to all your requests and questions.

For international business people, our English-speaking staff will introduce you to a variety of properties, provide English language area guides, commuting and school information etc. And after you’ve found your new home, we will continue to support your stay in Tokyo as a total partner until your departure.

Property sales
Property sales image

We also provide high quality service for residential property sales. So when you decide to purchase and eventually sell a property in Tokyo, please let us help you with the transaction. Because we focus on central Tokyo, we are able to provide information on everything from residential areas to investment property such as apartments, condos and office buildings. In addition to providing property assessments and Japanese market research, we can provide specific information and sell your property quickly whether you live in Japan or overseas.

API is pleased to provide information on how to purchase real estate and property information in English for international travelers and residents who need language support. We have received excellent feedback from the foreign community and partner companies about our service. We also have strong connections with foreign companies and contacts that we can contact to assist us in helping individuals interested in real estate in Japan.

Property management
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For real estate owners living in Japan or abroad, we provide full service property management. Our bilingual English/Japanese staff can take care of property maintenance and preventative care issues in order to maintain the value and condition of your property.

Remodeling/Repair image

We also offer basic remodeling ideas and advice in order to enhance your property’s value.
We can also support your remodeling/repair efforts needed to prepare your property for lease using high quality, reasonable and timely service in order to maintain a high occupancy rate. We also provide design advice for high end remodeling in order to enhance the value of your properties.

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